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Industry 4.0 Services

Many other big-name consultants can often provide good services, but few have exact experience in the highly specialized area of Electronics Manufacturing and (in particular) SMT.  They simply do not know the technology very well.  They don’t speak the language.  They haven’t worked with the machine vendors or software and solutions providers across our industry.   They don’t have the fine-tuned instincts and insights needed for the projects you are involved in. 

We have decades of experience within the electronics manufacturing industry and have been around since the mainstream adoption of Surface Mount Technology began.  We were involved in Industry 4.0 from the beginning and are experts at some of the newer technologies involving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  We’ve seen it all, and we’ve walked in your shoes.  Our mix of experience within many of today’s advanced software systems and providers combined with decades of experience with the machines and processes involved in this specialized industry, position us as the leader in consulting services and project implementation in the areas of:

Smart Machines 

  • Data Engineering

  • IoT development

  • Cloud platform consulting

  • Machine Learning development

  • Xamarin consulting

  • Predictive analytics

Industrial Engineering

  • Systems Integration consulting

  • Workflow Automation

  • Custom CRM development

  • Custom ERP development

  • Process Automation consulting

  • Digital Transformation

Industry Use Cases

  • MES and CMMS implementation

  • Digitization and Digitalization

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Machine Learning 

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • AI-based image analytics

Whether it be a full Industry 4.0 service engagement starting with the questioning of a strategy and "where to begin" all the way to a fully managed deployment engagement - or simply - Needing guidance on a particular phase of your current project, Stellarus has a global team to help you get it done.  

We consider the Process Category items below to be elemental in any Industry 4.0 technology project, all with their own challenges and hurdles.  Sometimes you need a full roadmap, and sometimes you might just want to talk it over.  Wherever you are in your journey, Stellarus can help. 


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