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Join Stellarus Group

Stellarus Group is a rapidly growing Technology and Business Management consulting firm reestablishing the way consultants support their clients in the Manufacturing Industry.  With unlimited possibilities and our drive to change the paradigm, Stellarus Group is an opportunity for you to change your life and be your best self!

Why Stellarus Group?


We are a global organization with freedom to live where you want and work when you want.  There's no cubicle to sit in or office drama here.  Just a hands off but always willing to help culture.


We work with some of the most advanced software systems in the manufacturing world.  Do you have a passion for AI/ ML, Advanced Analytics, Cloud data, or systems integrations?  So do we!


We empower our team members and support their success.  Our goal is to help you and help our clients succeed. You are in control of your destiny with zero limitations on how far or how fast you can go.


In a world now dominated by web meetings, we know relationships are made face to face.  Our globally located industry base is looking forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and excited to start.

Join us!

Below are some of our current openings.  We encourage you to apply (no imposter syndrome here!) to any of the open positions.  If there's something that you think you offer is not below, contact us anyway.  We'd love to hear your thoughts!


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